All art prints and samples of the interactive and non-interactive ebooks, as well as multimedia pieces, can be viewed on-line. I also have my sketchbook available for viewing in the “About Us” section for those who would like to look at many of my art pieces from this year and read more about what Sketchbook Communications is all about. There is a store section which has a sample of all the art pieces and ebooks that are available for buying. You can click on each picture of the art print in the store to see a larger image and read the description From here, you can also click on each ebook to see a sample of it with its its description. You can also enter to learn more about the ebooks and the art in this on-line sketchbook through the exposé on this page. You need to subscribe to the website in order to purchase a product so you can view it on the website or download it. This enables me to process it so you can access it. Each item is available for viewing or downloading for one month. Some of the files such as the ebooks are only available for viewing on the website at this time. The booklets (pdfs) and art prints (jpegs) can be downloaded and printed for personal use but not for any commercial purposes or redistribution.

I have a photograph called Yellow Flowers which I am selling for $1 for anyone who would like to see how the site works.

Interactive Ebooks

Each interactive ebook is available for reading in full if you buy the subscription for the ebook through paypal once you agree to the subscriber’s agreement. Please read the sample of the book carefully to see if it is a pay-per-view or if you can download itAfterwards, you may log in as a user and read the interactive ebook on the site. You need to flip the virtual pages at the corners of the pages to read them. The current interactive ebook. The Elephant Tree, has video, photography, writing, sound and multimedia.

Art Books and Booklets

Some products such as the art books and booklets are available for downloading so that you may print them as pdfs. They are non-interactive and designed so that they can be printed easily on an 8" X 11' paper.

They can be downloaded and printed when the purchase is made through through paypal. As mentioned above, these art books and booklets are not for redistribution.

Art Prints

The art prints are painting, drawings and collages from my sketchbooks. They are available to be printed on 8.5” x 11’ paper once you download them with a paid subscription through paypal.

Please Note:

If you would like to buy any art prints or ebooks you need a subscription to the website. Once you are logged into the website, this image can be downloaded by paying for it through paypal. When you pay, you need to wait for paypal to redirect you to a page that is called "My Books" in the website. This may take more than 15 seconds. Here you can access the art prints or ebooks that you paid for by clicking "save as". Note that some ebooks are only available as a pay-per-view for one month at a time and cannot be downloaded.They can only be viewed in the My Books section. Each subscription makes the art print available for one month when you log into the website.

The price of the image accommodates the price for the printing and any Photoshop adjustments you may like. This art work is not being sold for commercial purposes. All terms of use, subscriber's agreement and privacy policy that are on the website apply with this purchase. They are listed in further detail at the bottom of this website.


Colour printing may slightly change some of the colours of the images, as with any other image that is printed. So please note that the size and colours can be changed through Photoshop under the Images file in the Adjustment section. The price of this art print accommodates the cost for printing and any necessary changes in Photoshop that you may like.

None of the copies which are being sold as art prints are watermarked. The prints only have the picture that you see on the website as a sample.

The Price

The price is in Canadian currency. It includes Canadian taxes so you will not have to pay more money at the end when you agree to purchase it.

Your use of this website and your purchase of any items through this website are governed by the Terms of Use, Subscription Agreement, and Privacy Policy (collectively, the “Agreements”).

I appreciate your consideration and the time that you have taken to read this. I am very happy to be sharing my work with you !

Thank you

Susana Roque

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