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Sketchbook Communications:

Opening up a sketchbook is an adventure to enter into the imagnination to see this world in another way. Each image is a
door representing a community and knowledge to learn and grow. Images and the dialogue they open us to can bring us to a
renewal of the history we make everyday. Pictures can uplift us to recreate ourselves and our ideas to a place of beauty, peace
and joy. Knowledge, after all, should be kind.

What is this sketchbook on your computer screen to you ? Is it a history book, a diary or a stage ? Each page here is open for
dialogue ! It is an invitation to enter into a world of discovery and the creativity of our own narratives. Stories create who we are.

It is here at Sketchbook Communications that I knead my art practice into pixels on the computer screen to take on new forms
on each page. The letters and the colours are the main ingredients here ready to be rolled into a page. Perhaps, I should store my
new recipes and mixtures into my little boxes of memory sticks to bring them out into the screen so you can see them.
My sketchbook is now my in art journaling blog and has regular new postings at :

Sprinkled on the screen at Sketchbook Communications, I will be rolling out my art as I make it. Would you like to see what is
in my sketchbook and in my art journaling practice ? You are invited to come in !

Thank you.

Susana Roque