The Purple Puddle (art book, mural, pdf)

The Purple Puddle (art book, mural, pdf)

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The Purple Puddle: Abstract Photography
Instant Digital Download, ebook

This photography project/installation has twelve art photographs that I took in Vancouver, at the Stanley Park sea wall, along the shore for
an interactive art book on the web that I am working on, The Lighthouse, the Bird and the Poem on the Shore (

Perhaps, we all come for the shore with some questions. I was obviously looking into the water to find answers and enter into a dialogue using
photography about who we are in space and time in the face of loss in this world.
If we look closer into the water that falls into the ground,
that comes from us, what is it about us that is reflected back ? Does the reflection of who we are in the water tell us anything about ourselves?
What is it about us that stays on an experiential level, and what leaves us, if what we see
comes and goes?

I took pictures asking myself these questions and looking at my camera to see where my search would lead me and downloaded theses pictures at
home. These photographs are the beginning of this search in January 2016 after a wonderful friend, who was my uncle died.
When I reflected on what I was looking at in the pictures, I began to see that they could become a part of a story about memory, life and loss.
If we take enough pictures on a question, the answers may eventually begin to take shape on the screen.
I will let you look at these photographs and see what you can find in them

Thank you always for looking at my art.

Susana Roque