A Boat on the Shore: a Mural Installation

A Boat on the Shore: a Mural Installation

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This photography installation is a mural about a boat and the sea and has twelve abstract photographs from underneath the boat that I took in Jericho Beach Vancouver in May 2017.

The waves and the movements they make on the edge of the shore certainly do create pictures on the surface of objects there. Over time, the end result of their movements is that they usually break things apart that are not of the sea and surrender them on the sand. This persistent process of renewal can be very gentle or very raw and harsh. These pictures are very truthful in that they depict this process of letting go.Release, departure and renewal comes from the sea and water as well. I am depicting the other side of this story that reflects the effects of these persistent moments of departure or rupture in the objects on the shore.

Each photograph measures 7.36” x 11’’ and shows the images that the sea paints on this boat when the waves cover it in the evening. The pictures have variations of forms, textures and shades of blue.