Traveling (pdf mural/book)

Traveling (pdf mural/book)

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This photography project/installation has 12 photographs (7.4” x11”) that I took in Vancouver, in front of Canada Place, along the shore as I began taking pictures of the pedestrians walking and their reflections in the puddles for an interactive art book on the web that I am working on, The Lighthouse, the Bird and the Poem on the Shore.

This piece is from some pictures I took in front of a puddle. by an intersection at Canada place. They are a series of photographs which reflect people walking under the rain and being reflected in a puddle,only I turned the water upside down in the picture Most of the pedestrians where walking back from work but some stpped and posed in front of the camera. The picture illustrates how what we are and what we do is being reflcted in the water and how we all affect one another collectively. We are all reflected equally in front of the water; everything we all do counts makes a mark in our environment. Does the reflection of who we are in the water tell us anything about ourselves? Perhaps with enogh pictures it can. What is it about us that stay,s on an experiential level, and what leaves us, if what we see eventually evaporates, like in the puddle, or comes and goes? These photographs are the beginning of this search in January 2016 after a wonderful friend, who was my uncle died. When I reflected on what I was looking at in the pictures, I began to see that they could become a part of a story.

If we take enough pictures on a question, the answers may eventually begin to take shape on the screen.

Thank you always for looking at my art.

Susana Roque